by Ganou

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released December 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Ganou Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ganou is an vocalist/producer who doesn't go one moment without jamming to the beat of her own soundtrack, hoping to give you the chance to experience life through her ears.

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Track Name: Let Me Live It
so much to think
so much to do
but not enough time
for what you put me through
seeking my dreams
with that feeling of fail
i know i am good
but got nothin to tell

you put me through this so why am i still doing this
tryin to live my own life but weighed down by a purpose

i think thats the finish line
i quicken my pace
finally i see i
never started the race
so i lie in bed
watch the world pass me by
you cant tell me this
is my purpose in life
Track Name: Fascinated
the breeze flows
underneath the curtain
while flies dance around her head
the tea cools down
untouched by she who made it
fascinated by
the music she feels
underneath her fingertips
electrifying through the hair
on her arms
Track Name: Melody of Silence
the voice is silenced in my head
faint small whispers of what could be said
the warmth is absent from my skin
empty spaces where they should've been
melodies of silence
Track Name: Waves
i'm an emotional mess you say
well now you're riding my waves
its not about what we've done
i am just a mirror of your projection
Track Name: Detainment
detain what lies within
a sin among the broken
repeat those days i'll win someday

one moment to begin
a spiral leading no where
the screens unraveling to replay my underlying fate

my mind is overflowing with regrets and rotten memories
pouring out my skin out my heart and just lingering
i'm sick to my stomach as i stare at my mistakes
i thought i was only human but i guess i'm just a fake
cause they told i was terrible they told me i was sleazy
i'm calling out for help can't somebody take me seriously
hey world i've lost my faith in you no trust no love
i'm living in a nightmare can't somebody wake me up
i tried to see the good in this fucked up reality
but all i see was hatred love drama animosity
i think i'm giving up i know that thats some bullshit
but when i try to shed love y'all just shit on it
i know a couple girls who run the world with their lies
and they don't give a fuck because they're living their own lives
so i've made some bad decisions and i've owned up to my actions
and now all my friends be hating why am i begging for forgiveness
i let it get to my head all the things they said
my expectations lie beside me in my bed
i let it get to me and this beast is unleashed
and i've got no control and all i can do is sing

how do i move on from this monster in my soul
how do i move on from this beast thats got a hold on me
and these things i cannot see
wont somebody help me please
how do i move on from me
how do i move on

detain what lies within
Track Name: Can't Sleep? Make Music.
fall asleep

into your slumber

deep in your dreams

why won't you surrender away

i just want to fall asleep

i'm ready to shut my eyes and fall asleep